What is Mediation? Why Mediate?

In addition to being a skilled litigator, Anne Kelly Laynor is a trained and certified mediator. Mediation is a process for resolving disputes that allows parties, with the help of a neutral mediator, to come to an agreement on contested issues.

Mediation opens lines of communication and allows parties to explore all settlement options in order to resolve disputes. Everything said during mediation is confidential and (except as provided by law) may not be repeated to anyone other than the other party and/or the party’s attorney. Mediation gives parties more control over the outcome of their case, normally allows the case to be resolved sooner, and can save on the overall expense involved in the case.

Mediation is a less adversarial setting than traditional litigation. With the help of an experienced, neutral mediator as a facilitator, you and your partner can address the issues you are facing. During mediation, parties work on an agreement of issues including:

  • Division of Assets & Debts: What is a fair and equitable distribution of the assets required and debts incurred during the marriage? Who will get what? Who will pay for what?
  • Alimony: Will either party seek permanent alimony, lump sum alimony, or rehabilitative alimony for a specified time?
  • Other Entitlements: Are there any other entitlements, such as retirement earnings, to be considered or divided?
  • Shared Parenting Plan: If children were born or adopted during the marriage, what is an agreeable shared parenting plan?

Benefits of Mediation Compared to Traditional Litigation:

  • Less Costly
  • Faster resolution
  • Private setting
  • Increased control by the parties over the resolution of their conflicts
  • Preservation of Relationships – integrity of the process helps preserve relationships
  • Support – Mediator acts as a neutral facilitator to guide parties through the process
  • Think “outside of the box” for possible solutions

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